Faculty Workshop: Credo Reference


Credo Reference:

Credo Reference is a completely customizable general referencesolutionfor learners and librarians. Its full-text, aggregated content covers every major subject from the world's best publishers of reference. Credo has 350 online reference books which contain millions of articles and thousands of images, maps, sound files and videos.

Keyword Searching

Using Basic Search

1. Enter your search terms into the search box.
2. Select whether to limit your search to a specific subject or to search across all subjects.
3. Start your search by clicking the Search button.

Using Advanced Search
1. Enter your search terms into the search box.
2. Enter any other terms into the appropriate fields. You can choose to search for exact phrases, similar sounding words, and words to avoid.
3. Choose the sort option for your search results. If no selection is made, the results will be sorted by relevance.
4. Limit your search with the following options:

To limit your search to a specific subject
Select one or more from the list. If no subjects are checked, the search will default to all subjects.
To limit your search to a specific type of book
Select one or more from the list.
To limit to one or more books
Select from the list of book titles.
To limit your search to a particular part of an entry
Select which fields to search. Your options include heading, subheading and the body of the entry.
To limit your search to specific publication dates of our books
Select one or more dates from the Publication Date list.
To limit your search to those that entries with particular characteristics
Select one or more entry features. Your options include long entries with more than 1,000 words or entries that have images, audio, maps or videos.
5. Start your search by clicking the Search button.

Example: Spain - All Subjects
Keyword Search: Spain

Keyword search results

Animation found by clicking on "video" link under "Media" on previous screen


Find a Book

Find a Book offers multiple ways to browse the list of current Credo Reference titles. You can view the titles by:

  • Subject
  • Title (A-Z)
  • Dewey classification
  • Library of Congress classification
  • Type of book: Atlas, biography, dictionary, handbook, etc.

Example: Bridgeman Art Library Archive

Bridgeman Art Library Archive located in "Find a Book"

Results of "Renoir" search in Bridgeman


Concept Map

The Concept Map is a visual map that displays how search terms and topics in Credo Reference are interconnected.
The Concept Map displays the connections between search results in a visual, interactive and easy-to-use format. It enables users to quickly find information when they don't know what to look for, when they need topic ideas for papers or research projects, or want to expand their knowledge of a given area.

How to use the Concept Map:

  1. Enter your terms into the search box and click the 'Start' button.
  2. Rollover any word in the map to get a preview of an entry. Click 'Open Entry' to see the full-text in a separate browser window.
  3. Click on any term in the map to re-center around that term.
  4. The terms that you've visited are saved in a Nodes Visited list on the left side of the Concept Map. Click on any term to return to that view of the map.

Example: Global Warming

Global warming concept map search

Concept results for "global warming"



Just need a definition of a term? Or who said a particular quotation? Want to find facts about a specific location? Credo’s gadgets offer an alternate, quick way to access specific areas of our content.
  • Current gadgets include:
  • Define: look up a definition of any term or phrase in one of our dictionaries.
  • Person: find information on any person in Credo.
  • Location: look up a place in any of our geography titles. Find cities, towns, rivers, mountains, etc.
  • Crossword solver: need help solving that crossword puzzle or solving an anagram. Use a question mark (?) in place of unknown letters; to solve an anagram, enter all the letters in any order.
  • Conversions: convert one unit of measurement into another – from centimeters to inches, Celsius to Fahrenheit, miles per hour to kilometers per hour, and more. (This gadget isn’t implemented yet.)
  • Quotations: find out who said a specific quote or all the quotes on a specific topic. Enter a specific person to see all their memorable quotations. This gadget searches all of our quotation titles.
  • Holidays and festivals: need to know what happened on a specific day? Enter a date to see. Or, enter the name of a holiday to see when it takes places. All results come from the Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations of the World Dictionary.

Example: Gadget window

Gadgets window


Basic Research Help

Please click the Ask a Librarian icon if you have any questions concerning these guides, need help finding material for your research or any general questions you might have.

General Library Information

Research guide prepared on 09/20/08 by William Hoag: whoag@rcc.mass.edu