Course: ENG 091 Developmental Reading & Writing

Professor Everest Onuoha
Library Instructor: Ted Intarabumrung

Learning Objectives:

Given this presentation, the learners could:

  • Retrieve information related to their topics from books in printed and electronic formats, and articles of newspapers and magazines from the RCC Library-subscribed databases

  • Document the selected information sources for a list of works cited in MLA style.

This guide is designed to help you research Contemporary topics. It includes an index of scholarly sources that should be used. Included in the list are websites and search engines that will be helpful in your research. If you have any trouble finding these sources, please ask a librarian for help. Good Luck! Any comments or suggestions are welcome!



The on-line catalog provides access to the Library's collection of approximately 40,000 books, periodicals and audio-visual titles. These resources may be used to find information for assignments or general interest.
Tutorial for searching catalog and ordering books from Metro Boston Library Network (includes Boston Public Library)

Electronic Books,

online accessible 27,500 titles from databases: Ebrary, Credo Reference and Netlibrary.

Reference Books Online

  • Credo Reference, providing definitions of works and phrases, comprehensive information from general and subject dictionaries and encyclopedias.
  • Gale Virtual Reference, database of encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research.


Browse these paper journals and magazines in the library's first floor periodicals section for articles about contemporary topics.


Access to millions of journal, magazine, newspaper and reference source articles through our research databases.

Issues & Contemporaries

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center

Global Issues in Context

Web sites

There are many good web sites on the internet. These web sites have been evaluated by library staff. Remember to always evaluate internet resources. To find out more about evaluating web sites, Lesley University has a very good guide.

List of Subjects, prepared by RCC librarians

African American History
Death Penalty
Drug Abuse
Evolution and Creationism
Gay Rights
Global Warming
Gun Control
Hip Hop
Hispanic Heritage
Human Rights
Literary Criticism
Mental Health
Race and the Justice System
Racial Profiling
Roxbury History
Teen Violence

Citing Sources: Style Guides

APA Style Tutorial
Duke Library Guide to Assembling a List of Works Cited
Laguardia Community College Library MLA and APA citation style
The Owl at Purdue: APA Formatting and Style Guide
The Owl at Purdue: MLA 2009 Formatting and Style Guide

Basic Research Help

Please click the Ask a Librarian icon if you have any questions concerning these guides, need help finding material for your research or any general questions you might have.

General Library Information

Research guide prepared on 09-29-10 by Ted Intarabumrung,