Library Guide for New Students


Welcome to the Roxbury Community College Library! This guide is designed to help you better understand our policies/procedures and the library services that are available to you. If you have any questions about this guide or about the library in general, please ask a librarian for help.

Getting a Library Card

Before we can issue you a barcode that will allow you to access all of the library's services, you must first obtain a Student ID Card. Student ID Cards are issued by Campus Security in Room 109 of the Academic Building.

To get a library barcode, bring your Student ID Card to the library's Circulation Desk and ask a staff member to assist you.

Off-campus Article Access

To access RCC databases from off-campus locations visit the RCC Library Home Page and click on the "Articles" link. Click on either the "Alphabetical List" or the "Subject List" link to view our available databases. Select the database you want to search and click on the link. A dialogue box will come up prompting you to enter your library barcode. Your barcode number is the 14-digit number at the bottom of your library barcode.

Course Reserve Books and Textbooks

If your professor has placed a copy of a textbook or other book on reserve in the library, it will be shelved behind the Circulation Desk. To use one of these books, simply ask a staff member at the Circulation Desk to borrow a copy. Make sure to bring your library barcode with you, otherwise we will not be able to check the book out to you.

Most reserve books are for in-library use only. Also, many of these books have a time limit of 2 hours which means that you will incur heavy fines of up to $1.00 per minute if you neglect to bring them back on time. Look for a warning label on the front cover of the book to see if there is a time limit.

Viewing Videos

RCC students are not permitted to check videos out from the library. However, there is a viewing room on the first floor of the library where you can view videos from our collection. To access this room, just ask a staff member for assistance.

You can also watch streaming videos on- or off-campus at any time by visiting Films on Demand. If you are off-campus, you must log in to Films on Demand using your library barcode number and library account password.

Using the Group Study Room

The Group Study Room is located on the first floor of the library and is reserved for use by groups of students wishing to work together. It is the only area of the library in which normal volume talking is permitted. To use the room, each member of your group must sign up at the Circulation Desk using their Student ID Cards. Each member of the group will receive a badge to show that they are permitted to use the room and their Student ID Cards will be held at the desk until the study session is over.


Logging into Library Computers

Username: Student ID #
Password: First initial, middle initial, last initial, ID#

Example: Student named Chris Joe Smith with ID# 123456
Username: 123456
Password: cjs123456

Printing from the Library Computers

At the start of every semester, each RCC student receives a $20.00 printing credit that can be used to print at the library or any other computer lab on campus. Printing costs 10 cents per page so this affords you 200 pages over the course of the semester. If you need to add money to your printing account, you can do so by visiting the Business Office in Room 213 of the Academic Building.

Printing Instructions:
1. Click the print button in whichever program you want to print from.
2. A "Print Job Details" window will appear. Enter your RCC student ID number in the ID field and give your print job a title.
3. Click print in the "Print Job Details" window.
4. Go to the computer next to the student printer and enter the same log-in information you use to log into the library's computers.
5. Click "Enter".
6. Click on "Print a Document"
7. You should now see the name of your print job.
8. Click "Print".

Borrowing a Laptop

Laptops may be borrowed by RCC students in 90 minute loan increments. Laptops are for in-library use only. To borrow a laptop, fill out a "Laptop Loan Agreement" form which can be found on the table across from the Circulation Desk. Bring the completed and signed form along with your library barcode to the Circulation Desk and ask a staff member to assist you.


To borrow a set of headphones for listening to computer audio, please bring your Student ID Card to the Circulation Desk. We will hold your card at the desk until the headphones are returned.

Reference Desk Service

Need help finding research material for your papers or presentations? The professional librarians at the RCC library are here to help! You can get this great research help in any of the following ways:

1. Come into the library and talk with one of our reference librarians. The reference desk is across from the circulation desk. If you need in-depth help, please set up an appointment so the reference librarian can devote enough time to your research needs.
2. Call the library at 1-617-541-5323 and ask to speak to a reference librarian.
3. Email us at Please allow 24hrs for us to respond.
4. Please click the Ask a Librarian icon if you have any questions concerning these guides, need help finding material for your research or any general questions you might have.

Basic Information about the Library

Some of the Library's Policies:

  • Covered drinks and small snacks are permitted in the library, EXCEPT at the computers
  • Smoking is prohibited in the library
  • Cell phone use is prohibited in the library
  • The 2nd floor of the library is for quiet study, the 1st floor of the library is for silent study, and the Group Study Room is for group study

For more information or to view the rest of our policies, visit our website.


During regular academic semesters, the library is open during the following hours:

Monday-Thursday 7:30am-9:00pm
Friday 7:30am-4:30pm
Saturday 8:30am-3:00pm

We are closed during semester breaks, school holidays and on days when the rest of the school is closed due to inclement weather.


Phone: 1-617-541-5323

More Information

For more information about the library, please visit our website: RCC Library Home Page
To recieve library updates, please join us on Facebook: RCC Library Facebook Page

Research guide prepared on 1/7/10 by Rye Gentleman. Updated 4/1/14 by Joy Singletary.