SSI 209: Human Growth and Development

Professor Mojica
Jean Piaget

This guide is designed to help you research Human Growth and Development topics. It includes an index of scholarly sources that should be used. Included in the list are websites and search engines that will be helpful in your research. If you have any trouble finding these sources, please ask a librarian for help. Good Luck! Any comments or suggestions are welcome! (add any course specific information if needed)
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The on-line catalog provides access to the Library's collection of approximately 40,000 books, periodicals and audio-visual titles. These resources may be used to find information for assignments or general interest.
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Good Search Terms to use: words or phrase

  • "Child development"
  • "Child psychology"
  • "Developmental psychology"
  • "Life-span development"



Child Development: HQ767.9 .C442 1995


Child Development in Context: BF713 .S37 2000


Understanding Children and Adolescents: HQ767.9 .U53 1998

Reference Books


APA Dictionary of Psychology, Washington, DC. : American Psychological Association, 2007. Ref. BF31 .A63 2007
Paiget: Dictionary of terms, by Antonio Battro, New York : Pegamon Press, 1973. Ref. BF320 .B313 1973


Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science, New York : Wiley, 2001. Ref. BF31 .E52 2001
Gale Encyclopedia of Childhood and Adolescence, New York : Gale, 1998. Ref. HQ772 .G27 1998
Encyclopedia of Psychology, New York : J. Wiley & Sons, 1994. Ref. BF31 .E52 1994


Carmichael's Manual of Child Psychology, New York : John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 1970. Ref. BF721 .C213 1970

Electronic Books

The library has recently added 20,000 online books from the vendor Ebrary. This is the “community college” collection, of interest to students and faculty at 2-year colleges. All books are simultaneously available to all RCC users.


Browse these paper journals and magazines in the library's first floor periodicals section for articles about [insert topic]
  • Journal of Developmental Education
  • Psychology Today
  • Newsweek
  • Time


Access to millions of journal, magazine, newspaper and reference source articles through our research databases.

Academic OneFile

Academic OneFile is the premier source for peer-reviewed, full-text articles from the world's leading journals and reference sources. Has over 4,000 articles mentioning "child development", 1,500 articles mentioning "child psychology", 700 articles mentioning "developmental psychology" and 140 articles mentioning "life span development".
Provides full text for more than 3,800 scholarly publications covering academic areas of study including over 15,000 article mentioning "child development", 11,500 articles mentioning "child psychology", 2,500 mentioning "developmental psychology" and 45 using "life span development".

A database containing good information about psychology.

ERIC, the U.S. Department of Education Educational Resource Information Center database. Has over 8,000 articles mentioning "child development", 150 mentioning "child psychology", 398 mentioning "developmental psychology" and over 38 mentioning "life span development".
A comprehensive database with nearly 480 full text titles covering topics such as emotional and behavioral characteristics, psychiatry & psychology, mental processes. Over 11,300 articles mentioning "child development", 9,300 articles mentioning "child psychology", 2,300 articles mentioning developmental psychology" and 42 articles mentioning "life span development".

Streaming Videos

Full length and segment videos from Films On Demand.

Films On Demand

Web sites

There are many good [insert topic] web sites on the internet. These web sites have been evaluated by library staff. Remember to always evaluate internet resources. To find out more about evaluating web sites, Lesley Universityhas a very good guide.

Search Engines

Web sites

Citing Sources: Style Guides

APA Style TutorialDuke Library Guide to Assembling a List of Works CitedLaguardia Community College Library MLA and APA citation styleThe Owl at Purdue: APA Formatting and Style GuideThe Owl at Purdue: MLA 2009 Formatting and Style Guide

Basic Research Help

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